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What is Cluechaser?

Cluechaser is a puzzle game site. The original purpose was to create online contests that contained a series of puzzles that players would solve, each leading to the next puzzle, until someone solved the last puzzle. That person won a prize and a spot in the Hall of Fame. The games centered around a scientist named Fletcher Edwards (aka Mr E.) who stumbled across an international secret. Fearing for his life he went into hiding and buried the secret in a series of puzzles. Players tried to unravel the mystery by solving the puzzles. The game included a message board where they could discuss the puzzles with other players yet at the same time were in direct competition with them. A unique twist.

There are a total of 3 games in the Mr. E series. The first two have already been played and were very successful. The final game is in the works and has been for quite some time. There was a considerable delay when the website was shutdown for about 6 months due to hacking. This problem has been resolved and the site is back up and secure. I am continuing to work on Game 3: Chasing Shadows and hope to have it ready soon.

The Blog

This is the main part of the site. Here you get all the latest info on other puzzle game contests similar to Cluechaser as well as info on other puzzles. Occasionally I may post something not at all puzzle related but is just stuck in my head. You just never know what you might find on the blog.

Sample Puzzles

I have taken the majority of the puzzles from the previous games, in some cases reworking them, and posted them all together in one location. Now you can solve all the puzzles in any order without having to solve one before proceeding to the next. I put a lot of time and energy into creating these puzzles and didn’t like the fact that only a few people get to see them. So now everyone can.

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