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I fought the law and the law LOST!

Surely by now you must have heard of Downfall parody videos. They are all over Youtube. If not, here’s a brief history….
There is a German movie called Downfall. It’s about Hitler’s last few days during World War II. There is a scene in the movie when he and his officers are in a bunker and has learned that he is losing the war. He goes into a tirade and starts yelling at everyone around him. Of course, to understand this you’d have to be able to speak German. Or you’d have to read the English subtitles. And this is where the fun comes in.

It has become tremendously popular to exchange the subtitles for other more comical ones and have Hitler ranting about any current event under the sun. Nothing is overlooked. There are clips about what Hitler thinks about Obama, about the new Iphone, about Microsoft, about Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift during the grammy’s, and just about anything else you can think of. There are hundreds of these videos all over Youtube and other video sites.

I myself have made a few of these parodies. All of mine suggest that Hitler fancies himself a puzzle solving master and is upset that he can’t win any of the Cluechaser puzzle games. It’s all in good fun and in not meant as any kind of commmentary on Nazi’s, Jews, or the Holocaust.

As mentioned yesterday, one of the videos that I had lost and then found was a Downfall parody video. I happily posted it to to join the other two in the series that were already there (and have been for some time).

The other day I got an email from stating that my video was blocked because they had been notified that it included copyrighted material. They were of course referring to the Downfall movie.

In the last year or so, Constantin Films, the makers of the Downfall movie have been working to have all parody clips removed. I don’t want to get into the legalities of it all except to say that the movie is probably more well known now because of the parodies that it would ever have been without them.

The email I received from Dailymotion included a link to their terms. So I read them. It mentioned that if someone felt that they were the victim of copyright infringement that they had to follow a series of steps including identifying the url of the video in question, explain part of it was copyrighted, and some other stuff.

I’m pretty sure that my video was flagged through the use of this fairly new technique known as video fingerprinting. A whole other issue we could get into is whether these parody videos fall under the protection of a legal term known as “fair use” (which I believe it does).

I decided to challenge the accusation. I sent an email to Dailymotion asking them to provide me with copies of the information that the accuser should have sent to them as per their guidelines. I said that if I determined that the procedure was correctly followed and agreed that the video was a copyright infringement then I would promptly remove it. Otherwise I expected it to be restored immediately.

A few minutes later I received another email asking for the exact url of the video in question. I sent them the requested information. A few minutes after that I received another email saying that the matter was resolved and my video had been restored.

SUCCESS! So now all my Downfall parodies are available to be seen. Here they are for you to see. The first is the original bunker scene and the other 3 are from other parts of the movie. I decided it might be kind of fun to make them into a kind of sitcom called Adolf. Enjoy!

Side note- If you watch part 3 of 3 you might find that it looks vaguely familiar to the Hitler’s a player video. Well that’s because it is. I took a portion of the clip and flipped it. So it’s a mirror image. I think it looks pretty cool.

Hitler’s a player (Downfall movie parody)

Hitler’s gets some bad news (part 1 of 3) – Adolf and Game 3: Chasing Shadows-pt 1

Hitler’s gets some bad news (part 2 of 3) – Adolf and Game 3: Chasing Shadows-pt 2

Hitler’s gets some bad news (part 3 of 3) – Adolf and Game 3: Chasing Shadows-pt 3

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