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Clue Puzzles

Here are the links to many of the puzzles I’ve created for previous ClueChaser games and some just for fun. There is a variety of puzzle types with different levels of difficulty.

Puzzle Master

If you would like to challenge yourself go ahead and try to solve these puzzles. These are 7 of the 10 puzzles that consisted of the very first Cluechaser puzzle game we had. It lasted 31 days before it was finally won by a player named UncleBen.
These puzzles will give you a pretty good idea of the kinds you might see during a game.

Mr. E Series

Game 1: The Missing Mr. E

The first game in a series of puzzle games that follow a mystery story line. Edward Fletcher (aka Mr. E) is a scientist who uncovered a secret so big that his life, and millions of others, is at stake. He needs your help to uncover the clues, solve the mystery, and save the world.
The game began April 1st, 2008 and was completed just over 3 days later by two players working together. They were towerofbabel and e8.

Game 2: Puzzle PiEces

Part 2 of the 3 part storyline of Edward Fletcher. In the previous game you helped him retrieve some encoded documents from his home and get them to a Decoder. Now he has to get them into your hands once again but he and his colleagues are in hiding. Find him and find the documents before someone else does.
This game started on 8/5/08 and was finished just shy of 5 days later thanks to the sharp mind of the player Southwest.

Game 3: Chasing Shadows

The final chapter in the Mr. E series. Now that you undestand the magnitude of the secret Edward Fletcher uncovered follow the clues and solve the puzzles to find out who’s behind it all and why.
This game has not started yet. Check back often or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get details on when this game will start. Be a part of the fun and compete to win a prize.


I combined Twitter and puzzle to create a new word to describe just that. Using Twitter to communicate clues to the players.

In this state…